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Instructions for Authors

All submitted papers should present research advances and should appropriately follow the purpose of the seminar as outlined on the main page of the seminar. Contributions will be selected based upon their quality as evaluated by the reviewers.

Authors willing to contribute are kindly requested to submit their extended abstracts (1 to 4 pages) by sending all relevant files (PDF plus LaTeX sources or Microsoft® Word document) to linz2009@flll.jku.at until November 9, 2008.

Abstracts should be prepared in LaTeX (strongly preferred!) or Microsoft® Word in the style that is used for the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series of Springer-Verlag. Comprehensive information is available from Springer-Verlag on the following URLs:

Moreover, there are instructions specific to LINZ 2009 [PDF; 27KB]. The objective of these rules is to ease integration of the documents and to achieve a common look. Most instructions in this document apply to LaTeX users only, the way authors and affiliations should be typeset is also relevant for Microsoft® Word users. You may also download the corresponding LaTeX source file [text; 5KB] as an example or template for your abstract.

Note that abstracts of previous Linz Seminars are available at the Linz Seminar archive.

Further note that registration has to be done independently of submitting a paper and is possible until January, 11, 2009. It is not necessary to register before the submission.