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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
08:30 am Opening
09:00 am H. Peters: Probabilistic social choice on graphs
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:30 am A. Zubyuk: The decision-making driven approach to specificity of possibilities in the Savage-style setting
11:00 am R. Foschi, F.L. Spizzichino: Decisions without utilities, belief functions, and the target-based approach under dependence between targets and prospects
11:30 am G. Vitale: Not just numbers: logics for representation of preferences and decision making
12:00 pm Lunch
02:30 pm D. Dubois, H. Fargier, A. Rico: Double Sugeno integrals that commute
03:00 pm J. Devillet, G. Kiss, J.-L. Marichal: Characterizations of idempotent n-ary uninorms
03:30 pm T. Vetterlein, M. Petrík: A framework for the generation of discrete pseudo-t-norms
04:00 pm Coffee Break
04:30 pm P. García-Segador, P. Miranda: Combinatorial structure of 2-additive measures polytope
05:00 pm M. Ridaoui, M. Grabisch, Ch. Labreuche: Parsimonious decomposition of 2-additive generalized additive independence models
05:30 pm E. Piermont, R. Teper: Disentangling strict and weak choice in random expected utility models
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
09:00 am E. Boros: What to learn and what not to learn – a mathematical view on ethical learning
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:30 am E. Algaba, S. Béal, E. Rémila, Ph.Solal: Harsanyi power solutions for cooperative games on voting structures
11:00 am A. Rusinowska, R. van den Brink, D. Dimitrov: Winning coalitions in plurality voting democracies
11:30 am S. Gonzalez, A. Lardon: Axiomatic foundations of a unifying core
12:00 pm Lunch
02:30 pm P. Wakker: New mathematical concepts for nonadditive set functions coming for empirical decision theory under ambiguity
03:30 pm Coffee Break
04:00 pm Round Table
Thursday, February 7, 2019
09:00 am E. Lehrer, R. Teper: Set-valued games: allocation in multi-agenda disputes and decisions
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:30 am A. Šeliga: New types of decomposition integrals for real- and interval-valued functions
11:00 am S. Doria: Integral representations of a coherent upper conditional prevision with respect to its associated Hausdorff outer measure
11:30 am L. Halčinová, J. Šupina: Size-based super level measures and the Choquet integral
12:00 pm Lunch
02:00 pm Excursion and Social Dinner
Friday, February 8, 2019
09:00 am J. Paseka: On injective constructions of ordered semicategories
09:30 am U. Höhle: The computation of suprema of fuzzy sets and its application to stochastic programming
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:30 am P. Eklund, J. Kortelainen, M. Winter: Contact and influence between objects in a system-of-systems
11:00 am M. Winter: Change of base using arrow categories
11:30 am J. Denniston, A. Melton, S. Rodabaugh: Measure systems and measure spaces
12:00 pm Lunch
02:30 pm J. Dombi, T. Jónás: The ν-additive measure as an alternative to the λ-additive measure
03:00 pm O. Hutník, A. Hovana: Several integrals related to scientific impact problem
03:30 pm J. Kiseľák: The facts about strict and weak C-universal integrals
04:00 pm Coffee Break
04:30 pm T. Košir: Asymmetry of copulas arising from shock models
05:00 pm M. Omladič, M. Vidmar: Applications of copulas for a maxmin system to order statistics and to reliability
05:30 pm S. Saminger-Platz, A. Kolesárová, E. P. Klement, R. Mesiar: Convexity conditions for the characterization of some copula constructions
06:00 pm Closing